Intro to Squash 57 Webinar

A Must-See Webinar!

Attention Squash Pros, Coaches, Club Owners, Juniors, Singles/Doubles Players and Organizers. Don’t miss this upcoming FREE Squash Canada webinar that will introduce you to Squash57, an extremely popular version of squash that can drastically increase participation, extend playing longevity, offer alternative teaching tools, provide additional training options and more!!

Squash57 (originally known as UK Racketball), was often confused with the North American game of Racquetball (which is played on a court with different dimensions, no tin, a different ball, and different rules), so the name “Squash57” was coined to differentiate itself (the ’57’ relating to the diameter of the ball – 57mm).  There are many tangible benefits to this variation of squash that will be fully explained in the webinar. England Squash has over 20,000 Squash57 members alone, and they are keeping squash courts busy.

Date: Tuesday April 6, 2021
Time: Noon to 1:15PM
Location: via GoToMeeting (Webinar Online only – attendees must have access to a laptop, tablet, etc.)
Registration Deadline: Tuesday April 6, 2021 at 9AM EST
To Register: CLICK HERE

Note: This webinar is part of the Squash Canada Coach PD Webinar Series – NCCP Certified Coaches will receive 1 PD Point towards their Maintenance of Certification.

“I personally have been playing Squash57 for 12 years and I absolutely LOVE IT! Once you get past the stigma that it’s just not squash, you’ll quickly find that it’s enjoyable/entertaining and it massively reduces the skill gap between players, so you will immediately find many more people to play with/against,” stated Pete Goodings, Squash Pro at the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton, AB. “You can also easily play both Squash and Squash57 – one doesn’t negatively affect the other and they actually complement each other. In the UK, Squash57 has experienced HUGE growth and I for one have witnessed first-hand how it has been the savior of many small, standalone squash clubs and in many instances, it grew the member base significantly.”

This is a must-see FREE Squash Canada webinar for everyone! You have nothing to lose and tons to gain so please join us on Tuesday April 6th at Noon EST for the introduction of Squash57. And please remember you must register in advance using the above link (space is limited to 140 attendees – first come first serve).