Policies and Regulations

The following policies are approved by the Squash Nova Scotia Board of Directors for the governance of Squash in Nova Scotia effective the date of approval in the policy title (yyy-mm-dd).

Safe Sport Policy Suite

2020-10-28 Safe Sport Policy

2020-10-28 Athlete Protection Policy

2020-10-28 Screening Policy

2020-10-28 Athlete and Team Selection and Support Policy

2020-02-11 Squash Coach Licensing Standard

2020-02-11 Appeal Policy

2021-05-05 Code of Conduct – Universal Code 5.1 Integration

2020-02-11 Discipline and Complaints Policy

2018-08-08 Discipline Reciprocation Policy

2018-08–08 Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy

2018-08-08 Conflict of Interest Policy

2018-08-08 Privacy Policy

2022-03-18 Diversity-Equity-and-Inclusion-Policy

2022-03-18 Gender Inclusion Policy

Squash Operations 

2020-10-28 Athlete and Team Selection and Support Policy

2018-08-08 Event Discipline Procedure

2018-08-08 Event Appeal Procedure

2021-05-05 Eyeguard Policy

2020-10-28 Event Sanctioning Policy