Squash NS provides support for Coaches by establishing standards for coaching, supporting coaches in their progression by funding or offering coaching clinics and by setting standards for coaches and selection to Squash NS teams as well as establishing a safe environment for sport in the Province. Coaches in NS are generally overseen by the Squash NS Provincial Coach, Janet MacLeod who is available to mentor coaches, and support them with advice and connect them with learning and professional development activities.

Squash NS launched a Coach Licensing process on 30 Mar 2021 to make sure that coaches endorsed by Squash NS meet common standards, are screened and commit to offering a safe sport environment. Coaches have until 31 Aug 2021 to meet the 2020-02-11 Squash Coach Licensing Standard.  The list of Licensed Coaches and the clubs they operate out of can be found here

Policies that’s have an impact on coaching in NS are found here

Squash NS licenses coaches in the context of the framework maintained by the Coaching Association of Canada and Squash Canada. Which includes:

Squash Canada Coaching Program

National Coaching Certification Program

Coaching Association of Canada – Lifelong learning and maintenance of qualifications

Long-Term Development

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For more information on Squash Coaching Pathways visit the Coaching NS page!