Squash Nova Scotia is the “big tent” of squash in Nova Scotia. It is funded by the province, YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEES, revenue from activities, sponsors and donations.

If you like the sport and want it to continue and flourish in this province, then that should be enough reason to join.

If it isn’t, here is what your membership fee does for you directly.  The benefits of the various membership classes are listed here

True, a lot of the work of sports organizations like Squash Nova Scotia happens behind the scenes. But it is important work, done on your behalf to further the sport.

A lot of us love the sport because we love the community of people who come with it.

Squash Nova Scotia brings that community together, helping to organize tournaments and leagues, providing and supporting training for volunteers, coaches, officials and senior an junior players.  This includes youth development and programs for women and newcomers to the sport. We help by making connections with other squash enthusiasts and organizations across Canada and abroad.

Here are a 10 ways in which Squash Nova Scotia makes squash a better sport in the province.  We

  1. Develop policies and standards, with Squash Canada and the other Provinces and Territories, that govern the sport in the province
  2. Sanction, support and organize tournaments and leagues
  3. Provide Information about events and ways to connect you with players across the province and Canada
  4. Manage relationships with corporate sponsors that provide balls and prizes for tournaments etc.
  5. Provide sport insurance to Competitive Members which covers them when playing in  sanctioned events in Canada
  6. Manage a provincial ranking system
  7. Provide programs to support the development of  juniors, coaches and referees
  8. Financially support elite athletes, coaches, and officials who participate in national events
  9. Connect clubs and players throughout Nova Scotia via our website, Facebook page, twitter and instagram and email newsletters.
  10. Support women’s squash
  11. Help clubs, coaches and volunteers introduce the sport to new players

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