Come join our team!

Squash Nova Scotia is looking for committed and interested volunteers to join our board!  New and returning faces are welcome. All that is required is a membership with Squash NS, (although paid membership is required, given the current restrictions, we are not collecting membership payments until Aug 2021 and associate members willing to commit to becoming a paid member are eligible), and a commitment to guiding our sport forward post COVID.

Ever wanted to influence how the Squash is run, and help shape the decisions that govern our sport? Now is your chance!  Want to see what board membership entails please see the Squash NS Bylaws  and the Squash NS Board Orientation.

Squash NS is looking to fill the following positions for a two year term from 2021-2023:
1. President
2. VP
3.  Treasurer
4.  Dir Competitive Program
5.  Dir Membership and Volunteer Development
6.  Dir Communications and Advocacy
7.  Two or three Members at Large.
We also recognize that past boards have been heavily centred on HRM due to the requirements to meet in person. However, for the last two years we have offered meetings by Video teleconference and therefore we are actively seeking to broaden our reach ideally by receiving one nomination from each active club, but initially aiming to receive at least one nomination from each of the five regions in which there are active clubs:
1. Cape Breton – CBSquash
2. Highland – Highland Squash/StFX
3. Fundy – Truro (Dal AG Campus)
4. Valley – Greenwood/Kings County/Acadia
5. Central – SMU/Dal/CHP/Zatzman
Please consider joining or remaining on our dynamic team by signing up for a role at the Board nominations sign-up sheet
Where more than one person signs up for a role (except for members at large), an election will be held at the Squash NS AGM on 30 Jun 2021.
If you have any questions please contact us

Saying thanks to Graham Young and Welcome to Mallory Taylor

With the renewal of the Sport NS PSO Coordinator MOUs there have been some changes in personnel assignments.

It is therefore my sad duty to say goodbye to Graham Young our Sport NS PSO Coordinator for the last two years.  Graham has been a valuable member of the Squash NS team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and support to the members of the Board and to the Squash Community in general. On behalf of the squash community and the Board of Squash NS I would like to express our thanks for all of his support and wish him the best of luck in his new assignments

I would also like to welcome Mallory Taylor to the fold.  Mallory is taking over as our PSO Coordinator and we look forward to working with her in the coming years.

Squash NS News – NS Open Reminder

NS Open

There are 10 days left to register for the 2019 NS Open taking place 28-31 March 2019 at SMUFit.  To register go to and log in to your account, click on the tournaments tab and select the Nova Scotia Open, and click sign up.  Remember that to register you need to be a competitive member of Squash NS, which you can purchase from the sign up page.  People interested in sponsoring the tournament can do so from the sign-up page.

Club Locker Mass email capability launch and Squash NS Memberships

Club Locker just released a mass email capability to allow SNS to communicate with its members.  This morning we reached out to members past and present about the NS Open via that method. If you received more than one email, then either you personally have more than one account in Club Locker, which is a problem) or you have set up accounts for more than one person using your email (which is fine).

I am posting this to let people know that the emails went out. If you were or are a member of Squash NS and did not receive an email, and you want to, then please reach out to Graham and let him know.  If you do not want to receive any more emails from Squash NS, please let Graham know so that we can take you off the membership list – you can then unsubscribe form the email you received.  If you received an email,and you want to continue to receive them, but haven’t updated your membership since September please log in to your account , go to the membership tab and upgrade/select your membership. For information on membership types, costs and benefits please go to for more information.

We will be cleaning up the membership database during the summer.

Having problems with Club Locker?

If you are having trouble navigating Club Locker and finding tournaments etc, then you are probably navigating club locker as a guest.   Before looking for a tournament or doing anything on Club Locker you need to login.  You can do this by navigating to your profile either through the Squash NS Webpage and clicking on the My Account (see below) tab to go to the SNS Login Page or go to the login page directly.  If you don’t login,  Club Locker won’t know who you are, what your memberships and affiliations are and finding and registering for tournaments is difficult.

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Zatzman Sportsplex hosts – Try Squash on 18 Feb from 11:30 – 2:30

The Zatzman Sportsplex, formerly the Dartmouth Sportsplex, will reopen on Feb 25th 2019.  As part of its pre-opening activities, it is hosting a Try Squash event on Monday the 18th of February 2019 from 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. during its Open House.

The event is supported by Squash Nova Scotia and Tom Calder has volunteered to run the event.

For more information on the Zatzman Sportsplex reopening please see their website.