Having trouble with membership upgrades?

We are currently experiencing a problem with viewing the membership options on the membership site.  You cannot scroll on the options selection page.

Here is a work around

To upgrade your membership go to https://novascotia.clublocker.com/login 
login to your account and in the navigation bar under the Squash NS, you will see Membership on the right. Click on that. If you cannot see Adult Competitive, select the junior radio button, and then click on the down arrow on your keyboard 
  • once will get you to Adult recreational
  • twice will get you to child competitive
  • three times will get you to junior competitive
  • four times will get you to adult competitive
  • and then click on the 2 under upgrade membership. That should work.

The problem has been reported and Club Locker is working to fix it.

Having problems with Club Locker?

If you are having trouble navigating Club Locker and finding tournaments etc, then you are probably navigating club locker as a guest.   Before looking for a tournament or doing anything on Club Locker you need to login.  You can do this by navigating to your profile either through the Squash NS Webpage and clicking on the My Account (see below) tab to go to the SNS Login Page or go to the login page directly.  If you don’t login,  Club Locker won’t know who you are, what your memberships and affiliations are and finding and registering for tournaments is difficult.

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