Updated – Squash Return to Play Guidelines for Nova Scotia

Hello everyone,

After consultation with Sport Canada, Squash Canada, Sport Nova Scotia, the Provincial Squash Associations in the Provinces and Territories, review by the NS Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, and approval by the Board of Directors of Squash Nova Scotia I am pleased to release the following Return to Play Guidelines for the sport of squash.

So what does that mean? It means that can we play again as soon as your club can prepare, approve and communicate a plan to operate under these guidelines and the provincial public health restrictions in force.

Although Squash Nova Scotia will not be inspecting facilities and monitoring compliance, Public Health will and clubs should be aware of the impact of non-compliance with fines of up to $1000 for individuals and $7500 for businesses being levied for each COVID-19 incident.With the Premier’s further relaxing of the COVID-19 Restrictions today I am pleased to provide an update on the implementation of the approved Return to Play Guidelines. Whereas before play was to be limited to solo play or drill and match play within a two family bubble.  We are now happy to announce that you could proceed to implement phase three of the guidelines which includes two strangers drilling or playing modified games which maintain the physical distance of two meters, but also of play between two members of the same 10 person social group who are not practicing physical distancing. We will let you know if anything changes.

Clubs are also reminded to check with their insurance provider as Squash Canada learned, for example, that their General Comprehensive Liability policy has an exclusion for pandemic, as they were advised is the case with most policies,.  Their Director’s & Officers Liability Policy does not specifically exclude claims relating to a pandemic.  Do you know what your policies might and might not cover?

Clubs should not reopen if they are not ready to do so safely. A risk assessment tool is included here. The recommended process to reopen a squash facility includes:
  • The facility’s Board or Management having discussions about how to provide a safe environment for your members within the context of Provincial Health and Sport guidelines and those of Squash NS.
  • Creating a plan to ensure that you provide an ongoing safe environment for your members and everything has been accounted for before opening the doors.
  • Ensuring that you clearly communicate to your members what is happening and their obligations to ensure they maintain a safe environment at your club.
  • Bringing your plan to life and ensure people are responsible for each ongoing action.
  • Routinely checking that your plan is being implemented as designed and based on good practice. If it’s not adjust it.

Here are the  Return to Squash Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors of Squash NS in two categories:

  1. Player guidelines
  2. Organizational guidelines for facilities and coaches

Some useful solo and socially distanced drills are included for coaches.

Please address questions on these guidelines to Phil Jourdeuil. Please address questions about your facility’s reopening plans to them.

People affiliated with Squash NS on ClubLocker and who have opted in to receive communications will have received an email with information on the reopening guidelines.

Many thanks,

Phil Jourdeuil,

President Squash NS