COVID 19 Restriction Update – Effective 2 June

With the premier’s announcement of updated rules for reopening yesterday, the province goes back to limited harmonized squash operations effective 8:00 a.m. on June 2nd 2021.

To summarize facilities across the province can operate squash courts under the following restrictions:

    • Squash clubs can operate with a maximum of two people on court at a time i.e. players or one coach and one player per court
    • Contact tracing, mask use physical distancing  and other public health measures remain in effect.
    • Competitive play is not authorized, i.e. No organized matches, internal club ladders, leagues and tournaments.
    • Squash training programs can take place limited to a maximum 2 people
    • Spectators are not permitted.
    • Within the context of minimizing individual social contact circles, players should restrict their social/playing/practice group to a consistent group of no more than 10 people.
    • Inter-region or inter-provincial competitive sport related travel is prohibited.
    • Players and coaches may not travel into or out of HRM or CBRM to attend or host training.

Remember that facilities will implement the changes to the rules at their own pace consistent with their approval processes and level of risk tolerance so please be patient.

Remember to practice safe sport:

    • Respect – Facility rules
    • Prepare – Book in advance
    • Screen – Don’t play if you are exhibiting symptoms.
    • Play – Wear a mask to and from the court, come prepared to play including bringing water/sports drink. Don’t wipe hands on court surfaces during play
    • Sanitize on completion of play
    • Do not wipe sweat on court surfaces
    • Masked Spectators/team members allowed to watch within the revised gathering limits (50% of the normal capacity)
    • Exit the facility after play.

For reference the general return to play guidelines for players and venues are attached  for Players and Facilities/Coaches and Organizers.

Phil Jourdeuil

President of Squash NS