Squash COVID Update – Return to almost normal operations effective 1 Oct 2020

With the premier’s announcement of relaxed rules for sport on Friday, Squash will be able to return to almost normal operations on 1 Oct 2020. This equates to between phase 5 and phase 6 on the Squash NS return to play guidelines which are linked below.

With the announcement that effective 1 Oct Sport bubbles are increased from 10 to 50 people who can participate in a sport without social distancing. This allows the return to normal operations with the following restrictions:

    • Spectators are still restricted to half the capacity of the spectator viewing area to a maximum of 200.
    • Masks must be worn indoors to and from the courts. Masks are not required on court.
    • Players from outside the Atlantic bubble will need to self isolate for 14 days before playing squash in NS.
    • Players returning from a tournament outside of the Atlantic bubble will need to self isolate for 14 days upon their return.
    • Tournaments  with more  than 50 participants including staff, will still see some restrictions as we will need to separate 50 player groups in either time or space. This might entail splitting events between facilities, or running events on more than one weekend or splitting divisions by time in the same facility on the same weekend. This will create additional challenges for tournament organizers. Potential tournament organizers should contact the undersigned to seek advice before planning larger events.
    • Leagues will need to restrict division sizes to 50 players or less.

To be explicit the following types of activity are authorized starting 1 Oct 2020:

    • Team play (up to 50 players in a division vice 10 previously)
    • Courses, Coaching programs and other activities which require more than 10 people on a court at once (limit raised to 50).

Venues are encouraged to update their policies to allow normal play for most activities with the exception of complying with spectator limits, requirements to wear mask within the facility and special provisions for larger tournaments of over 50 players and staff.

Remember that facilities will implement the more relaxed rules at their own pace consistent with their approval processes and level of risk tolerance so please be patient.

Remember to practice safe sport:

    • Respect – Facility rules
    • Prepare – Book in advance
    • Screen – Don’t play if you are exhibiting symptoms.
    • Play – Wear a mask to and from the court, come prepared to play including bringing water/sports drink. Don’t wipe hands on court surfaces during play
    • Sanitize on completion of play
    • Masked Spectators/team members allowed to watch within the revised gathering limits (50% of the normal capacity)
    • Exit the facility after play.

For reference the general return to play guidelines for players and venues are attached  for Players and Facilities/Coaches and Organizers.

Phil Jourdeuil

President of Squash NS