Squash NS is seeking volunteers to serve on the board for the 2020-2022 term

Please consider volunteering on the board! Registration deadline is June 13th!

The Board of Directors needs your input and your passion for squash.  We are seeking to:

    • Fill the positions of President, VP, Treasurer, Director of Competitive Programs, Membership and Volunteer Development and Communications and Advocacy positions as well as two or three members at large.
    • Receive at least one nomination from each of the five regions in which there are clubs:
      • Cape Breton – CBSquash/Coast Guard College
      • Highland – Highland Squash/StFX
      • Fundy – Truro (Dal AG Campus)
      • Valley – Greenwood/Kings County/Acadia
      • HRM – SMU/Dal/CHP/Zatzman

For information on the various roles please see:

    1. Our Constitution http://nssquash.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/2018-06-05-SNS-Constitution-and-bylaws-revised.docx
    2. The Board Orientation Document http://nssquash.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Squash-NS-Board-Orientation.pdf

Eligibility requirements. Be a competitive member of Squash Nova Scotia, have a passion for your sport as well as having skills and interests to bring to the board.

Process. Register by going to Club locker and signing up for a specific role.  If more than one person volunteers for a particular role, a run-off election will be held during the virtual Squash NS AGM on the 27th of June 2020. In the case of an election please be prepared to make a five minute pitch to the membership to support your election.

To volunteer please go to https://clublocker.com/tournaments/12041/info by end of day on the 13th of June 2020 and sign up for the role you wish to volunteer for.

Current Board Members and terms

    1. President (term expires Jun 2020): Phil Jourdeuil
    2. Vice President : vacant
    3. Past President : Gail Lethbridge
    4. Treasurer (term expires Jun 2020): Beth Cole
    5. Director Competitive Programs: vacant
    6. Director Developmental Programs (term expires Jun 2021): Marwan Abouelela
    7. Director Membership & Volunteer Development: vacant
    8. Director at Large (term expires Jun 2020): Sam Zhang
    9. Director at Large (term expires Jun 2020): Ryan Dwyer
    10. Director at Large (term expires Jun 2021): Evan McNicol
    11. Director at Large (term expires Jun 2021): Cameron Reid