Outstanding Player Development Opportunity Moncton 1-3 Nov 2019

International Squash Coach Richard Millman will be coming to Squash
Moncton to Coach interested players of all levels the weekend of November 1-3, 2019. Richard is probably the foremost teaching professional in North America. He has coached, the U.S. National Squash Team, many PSA professionals, and players of all ages and levels and was recently awarded the United States Olympic Committee Developmental Coach of the Year Award for excellence in teaching the game of Squash. Richard is also a superb player in his own right and has won both the U.S. and Canadian Open Masters many times. Tom Evans who has played against him and attended his weekend Camps in the U.S. can personally vouch for the tremendous impact he can have on your game, both mentally and physically after even one lesson. Lastly, Richard is student of all facets of Squash and has been writing an instructional/squash philosophy column for “Squash Magazine” for many years. I have attached Richard’s column concerning the dubious?? philosophy of “The Winner/Kill Shot” to today’s post as one example.


Richard would very much like to establish a working relationship with a Club in
our region wherein he would come back two or three times per year to continue coaching interested members. His sense of the viability of that idea will be very much affected by the attendance at the first camp, November 1-3, 2019. For more information about Richard please see  https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-millman-13a48146/ ,  https://millmansquash.com/ and Richard Millman Information_0919

The program is very flexible you can attend one day or the whole weekend. We would especially like to invite Beginner players to sign up. Often, Beginners are reluctant  to join events like this for any number of reasons. That shouldn’t be the case here.  One group is being reserved exclusively for Beginners – so you will be well matched with male/female players of your level. Richard is also that special type of Coach who can help you learn the game regardless of your experience. There is no better time to learn great habits from a Coach like Richard than when you are just beginning…

To book please contact Peter Comeau at Squash Moncton at admin@squashmoncton.com or by phone at 506-388-9505 to register and for further information.

If you need a ride Janet is going early on Saturday morning (arriving in Moncton by 9 am) and retunning to the valley bu noon on Sunday if anyone is interested in a ride.

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