HSL Update

After 10 weeks of Play HSL Session one is all wrapped up.

For the stats nerds here a few results

Undefeated Team Smash Bros (8-0)

Undefeated Players Mike Howard 7-0, Tim Manette 6-0, Jim Kennedy 6-0, Mike Cook 5-0 and Manny Drapeau 4-0

Most Active Player Rankings Lee Kirby 6-2, Mike Howard 7-0, Aran Brady 6-1, Abdo 5-2, Leanne Huck 5-2, Dave Thomson 5-2.


Both Div 1 and 2 went to tiebreaks for Second and Third places. In Div 1 CHP won over The Destroyers by winning more matches (17 vs 16) and in Div 2 Dal 3 edged out Dal 3 with the third tiebreak (Games won 62 vice 61).

Promotion and relegation.

SMU 4, the Div 2 winner is promoted to Div 1 and Dal 1 as the low team in Div 1 is relegated to Div 2.  As we are looking to recruit at least two more teams to run 3 divisions of 4. The Convenors will look at how to divide up the teams into three divisions in a way that makes sense and will work to keep the divisions balanced and respect the session one promotion/relegations.  Although the intent is to retain the same teams by and large, there will be a few adjustments made due to changes in ratings over the fall session.


New player intake for Session two is open (HSL Registration page on Club Locker) until Dec 30th.

If you registered as a full time player for session 1, you are already registered and do not need to do anything.  If you registered as a part time player (spare), you can switch to full time by paying the difference between the entry fees for FT players and PT players.

The new session starts on Jan 5th

We hope to run at least two more sessions before closing up shop for the season and may consider running a summer league if anyone is interested.

Many thanks to our unofficial sponsor the Foggy Goggle! And to my co-Convenors Chis Lien, Jason Barnes and Dave Malyk and to all of the players.

Happy Squashing and see you all at the Goggle next Wednesday!

Phil Jourdeuil, HSL Convenor