Membership Update Post COVID

Hi Just a quick note to let everyone know what is going on with memberships post COVID.

As you may know last year the board decided to extend memberships first by six months and then for another six months. Essentially anyone with an active membership purchased before 1 April 2020 was extended for a year. The way the  Club Locker and Stripe APIs interacted to implement these changes created a huge mixup in membership expiry dates and account credits.

We also decided not to start collecting memberships until Aug 2021.

At the AGM in June 2021 we changed the fee structure by reducing the number of membership types and reducing fees going forward. This requires us to stop the auto renew on accounts so that people see the new fees as opposed to the old ones.

No one has had to pay membership fees for the last 16 months even though we still provided services such as player insurance coverage while the courts were open and other activities.

To implement all of these changes we have decided to do the following balancing fairness and keeping to the intent of the year long extension.

Tonight we are taking the following actions:

  1. All subscriptions on the old membership plans will have the auto-renew turned off
    • Any of those subscriptions with an expiry date on or before 31 March 2022 will expire on their current expiry dates. (Reflecting a full year extension).
    • Any of those subscriptions with an expiry date on or after 1 April 2022 will expire now, These are memberships that were set to renew between 1 Apr 2021 and now where the invoice was not sent and the membership renewed anyway because we paused collection of memberships.
  2. All credits erroneously applied to accounts as part of the covid extensions will be zeroed
  3. All memberships bought between 6 Aug 2022 and today, which were billed under the old prices and which had credits applied will be refunded and the expiry dates of those memberships will reflect the auto-renew date.

This will take place overnight and early into tomorrow morning.

Many thanks for your patience,

On behalf of the board,

Phil Jourdeuil,